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We offer our Car Parts Suppliers a Parts Location Service which is completely flexible and customisable:

Maintain existing business relationships

Your clients can select you as a favourite supplier and deal with you exclusively.

Take advantage of local sales opportunities

eSpares supports local communities. Local parts requests are automatically sent to local suppliers first, providing you with the best sales opportunity in your city.

Customise their notifications

User friendly options available to allocate parts requests to your sales team. Receive notifications by email, text message to your mobile phone, or simply login to My eSpares and check your activity online.

Manage their quotes and orders online

You can manage all your enquiries, monitor transactions, and manage all returns and credits online.

Fit parts for Public Users

You can quote local members of the public and include a cost to fit the part for them.

Provide support for Capricorn Members

Capricorn Society members can opt to deal exclusively with each other, if preferred.

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Sell or search for truck parts online.