Where do I find part information?

How do I know if my mirror is 3, 5 or 7 wires?

Number of wires relates to the control features and functions of the mirror. The more wires, the more functions and features your mirror is likely to have. In addition to the typical rotation features of your mirror, there could be demist or heating functions. You can ascertain the number of wires by removing the mirror or inner door trim of the vehicle behind where the mirror is fixed to the door.

Where do I find the trans code?

The trans code or transmission code is often on the ID or VIN plate under the bonnet of the vehicle. Sometimes the supplier will require numbers that are stamped on the transmission housing and this more often than not, can only be obtained when the transmission has been removed. The key is to provide as much information about the vehicle such as the vehicle ID numbers off the VIN or ID plate, or simply use the BVI look up service and enter the rego when submitting a quote request.

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