Requesting Parts

How do I create a parts request?

1. Enter your vehicle registration in the field provided on the home page. We will download your basic vehicle details from the NZTA database.

2. Enter the parts you require online and submit your request to our part suppliers.

3. Our part suppliers will check their stock and reply to your part quote request online.

If you don’t have a New Zealand registered vehicle, you are able to enter your own vehicle details and then submit your part quote request.

Where does my Quote Request go?

We send your quote request to suppliers that match your vehicle brand or part profile. For example, if you own a Toyota, we will send your quote request to suppliers who are profiled to sell Toyota parts only. We also have suppliers that supply only certain parts and we can match your part enquiry to suppliers that provide certain parts only.

If you are a trade user and have selected favourite suppliers, your part quote request will be sent to your favourite suppliers initially, then onto all other eSpares suppliers.

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