The Parts

Am I obliged to purchase parts from eSpares suppliers after I receive quotes?

No you are not obliged to purchase parts from any supplier that responds to your quote request. Obviously, our suppliers do spend a lot of time quoting requests for parts and they want to sell you parts as often as possible. If you choose to purchase parts from an eSpares supplier, please purchase the parts online or by phone so that we can track sales efficiently and measure supply performance of our eSpares suppliers.

What condition will the parts be in?

The supplier will mark the condition of the part, i.e. GEN, OEM, aftermarket, SH. Our suppliers will also indicate the warranty that they are prepared to give for the part and if this is not stated in their quote, ask for it.

eSpares suppliers are required to sell parts of a merchantable quality and you are able to ask the eSpares supplier directly about their returns and credits policy, prior to purchasing the part.

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