Our Supplier Network

Receiving emails

You will receive email alerts advising of quote requests, questions from buyers, orders from buyers and various other site activity alerts. You can choose to receive all activity alerts by email or choose to turn emails off and deal with all your activity online. Go to your profile to change or update any settings.

Choosing favourite suppliers

Trade users are able to choose their favourite suppliers. You can choose favourite franchises, second-hand suppliers, aftermarket suppliers. You can also mark and select Capricorn suppliers for those trade users who are Capricorn members. By choosing favourite suppliers, you are then assured that your quote request will initially be sent to your favourite suppliers. If they are unable to supply, you can still be assured that all our other suppliers will have the opportunity to quote your part request.

What guarantees do they offer?

The warranty can vary between suppliers and can depend on part type. The supplier can indicate his warranty on a part by part basis when quoting, if a warranty is not advised by the supplier, request that information prior to purchasing the part if you want clarification in this regard. The warranties may vary between each supplier that is registered on eSpares.

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