Customizing eSpares

Select your email/SMS text options

The eSpares service will alert users by email about various activities on the site, such as when you have a quote to respond to, you have an order, or questions and answers. You can manage your email alerts and select to receive or not receive emails and conduct all activity online should you prefer to do that. 

Suppliers also have the opportunity to select to receive various SMS (text) messages for alerts on the eSpares system. Go to Your Account setting to choose the relevant options that suit you.

Members of the Capricorn Society

You can use eSpares if you are a Capricorn Society member and continue to enjoy Capricorn member benefits. Trade buyers who are Capricorn members can set their profile within their account settings to identify themselves to suppliers and additionally include your membership number within the eSpares settings. You will only have to do this once and thereafter you will automatically be identified to Capricorn suppliers when requesting quotes or ordering parts. Suppliers can also do the same. You have the facility on eSpares to place an order and charge your Capricorn account.

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